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 In all interspecies communications, my desire is to promote greater understanding of animals as spiritual beings.  When the animal has returned to Spirit my wish is to provide their human companions with proof that the spirit of their animal lives on in another dimension.  Some people call it Heaven, others the Rainbow Bridge.  It doesn’t matter what terminology we use as long as we know that the relationship does not end with physical death.  Our animal friends continue to love us, as we do them, after they have left their body and so often delight in being reconnected through a communication.

 For me, communication is always about bringing a greater understanding to all.

 Distance is not an issue. 98% of my work is conducted via email. For a private consultation please email me pam@soulcompanions.com


 The workshops are facilitated by Pamela Adams and co-facilitated by Kim Leong. Pam is a long time facilitator and pet loss counselor who came to animal communication through the return to Spirit of her beloved Saluki companion, Faranth, and until a couple of years ago she focused primarily on communicating with animals in Spirit.  She now works professionally as an animal communicator and is known internationally for her ability to “talk to the animals”. 

Kim Leong is a fully qualified Delta obedience trainer and award winning teacher who was led to communication through her beloved Mastiff, Wookie. She has her own successful, behavioural training business “Angels with Paws”.

 During this workshop we will explore

•            What is Animal Communication?

•             Animal spirituality and the bond we share with our companions

•             The importance of interspecies communication

•             Our spiritual connection with animals

•             Using your “different” senses

•             Awakening and stimulating your psychic sensitivities

•            Communicating with my animal friends

•             Communicating with animals at a distance via photos

•             Communicating with your animals waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

 Workshops run for a full day, usually on a Saturday or Sunday in Clunes.  Workshops are also sometimes held in other places by arrangement for a minimum of six participants. Please email for further details.

 All workshop participants are invited to join the on-line email practice group at no additional cost.


 Copyright Pamela Adams (2002)